Baki vs Kengan teaser!

Baki vs Kengan teaser!

Big news for Kengan and Baki fans, the 2 universe is going to clash in this new Netflix show.

The main story is unknown, but likely a big fight between Ohma and Baki will happen at some point.

Ohma (in Baki artstyle)

Will we see other top tier fighters? For sure..

It is very unlikely that the this is only about Ohma and Baki, I believe characters like Yujiro, Jack will show up eventually. Not sure who would show up in the Kengan side, perhaps Rihito... but whoever shows up, it should be fun.

In Kengan Omega (manga) we get to see that Ohma recently gained a huge power boost, this allows him to be able to compete with Baki characters. If not, it would make sense to rebalance the roster to give Kengan fighters a fighting chance against Baki characters, otherwise it won't look that favourable for the Kengan fighters as it is known that Baki characters are a bit more powerful than Kengan characters.

When can we expect Baki vs Kengan to air on Netflix?

We can expect this series to start in June! according to their Youtube video description:

The "Baki" manga series, published in Akita Shoten's "Weekly Shonen Champion," is a mega-hit martial arts manga that has sold over 85 million copies. Baki tells the stories of various fighters, centered on the epic life-and-death clash between protagonist Baki Hanma, the youngest underground fighting champion, and his father Yujiro Hanma, the "strongest creature in the world."

The massive hit manga "KENGAN ASHURA" remains steadfast as the most popular comic among readers of the comics website Ura Sunday and the comics app MangaONE. Humble office worker Kazuo Yamashita encounters mysterious martial artist Ohma Tokita and gets wrapped up in the "Kengan" matches, in which corporations settle business disputes by betting large sums on seasoned fighters.

These two martial arts manga masterpieces finally cross paths! An unbelievable collaboration between the anime series "Baki Hanma" and "KENGAN ASHURA," both of which are now streaming only on Netflix, is brought to life in anime!

This hard-hitting crossover that could only happen on Netflix is sure to shake the world!

The Netflix Series "Baki Hanma VS Kengan Ashura" starts streaming Thursday, June 6, 2024, only on Netflix!

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