Big tournament is about to happen in Kengan Omega chapter 259

Big tournament is about to happen in Kengan Omega chapter 259
8 strongest fighters are going to battle in a new tournament.

After the motivation of the mighty Shen Wulong is revealed and the negotiation is finished, we are now going to see a tournament with 8 strongest fighters.

There is a lot to talk, but I keep it short for now.

Tournament first match ups.

As we see, Gaolang Wongsawat, Arashiyama Jurota, Julius Reinhold, Kanoh Agito, Rolon Donaire are going to fight..

But there are also 3 new fighters, we have never seen before: Sakigake Hiraku, Justin Kitagawa, Ramon Yuko.

Absolutely nothing is known about them so far.

We did saw a few fighters from Slaughter Colosseum in STAR: Strike It Rich series. This is so far I know the first time we see Slaughter Colosseum fighter in Kengan Omega.

Kaolan Wongsawat vs Arashiyama Jurota

The first fight will be between Kaolan and Jurota. The best boxer vs a powerful judo master.

Who will win? This is very hard to say as it can go either way. Gaolang is fast and can unleash powerful blows, while Jurota is known for his perfect Judo throws, but recently he made good progress as a striker as we learned in Jurota vs Agito fight.

Suprisingly, Jurota is still obsessed with Meguro... in actually gets worse, as Jurota is talking with Meguro, there seems to be some mental problems.. going with Jurota.

Whether this will affect the fight positively or negatively is unknown. Against Agito it seems the imaginary Meguro was used to motivate and push Jurota beyond his limit.

I personally tend to believe (and hope) for Kaolan to win, as he hasn't reaaly won a fight against the top tier fighters. Don't be mistaken, Kaolan truly a powerful fighter, especially interested how he would take on fighters like large fighters like Jurota, Julius and Wakatsuki.

I am excited for the fight, I hope for great tournament.

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