Chapter 22 STAR: Strike it Rich released - Iori vs Sara part 2

Chapter 22 STAR: Strike it Rich released - Iori vs Sara part 2

This chapter is just like the previous one, super. Lots of action and punches are delivered. We learn a bit more about Yukihara Sara, one of the 3 evil underground fighters.

Iori Ichika's heavy punch makes first blood.

The chapter starts where the previous chapter ends, Iori Ichika lands a powerful blow on Yukihara Sara's face... Sara's blood is clearly spilled, so basically that was first blood.

Based on how fearsome Iori looks and how jacked, I expected Yukihara Sara to freak out, or get angry.. but instead, she remains calm and spit blood away. With a calm face, she moves forward and starts attacking Iori again.

With an emotionless face, Sara keeps attacking and attacking Iori. Landing heavy kick in her stomach and not slowing down with her punches.

Despite Sara being smaller (10kg/22pounds lighter), Sara has immense horse power behind her body.

According to Hina it is not just power, she also lands her attacks with high precision.

I personally haven't seen a police taking so much beating in a while...

With an emotionless face, Sara returns the blow back to Iori

Despite being on the defense, Iori manage to land few blows on Sara but Sara immediately returns it back and continues with relentless barrage of punches.

We learn that the Yukihara Sara is not just a cruel cold blooded narcissist, but also a masochist. She enjoys the pain she gets, the psychological reason for it is because if she endures pain people around her will compliment her. A narcissist enjoys being praised and being worshipped, but Sara is really next level with it. Fitting trait for a narcissist woman who fights till death in underground tournaments.

Also nice they didn't copy Meguro from Kengan Ashura, as Meguro is also a masochist but he has actually few screws lose in his brain. When Meguro feels pain, his brain will release chemicals that turn pain quickly into pleasure.

Sara enjoys pain, simply because people will praise her for her incredible endurance.

As Sara delivers Iori more and more blows, but it seems that Iori's muscles are getting larger and larger and manage to stop Sara's relentless attacks.

This is basically where the chapter ends, it is clear that Iori is far from defeated despite taking hits with no sign of stopping.

In next chapter, we could see Sara on the receiving end.

Eitherway, this chapter is great, beautiful art and interesting information, you can read the chapter yourself here:

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