Fight Class 3 Chapter 111 (31) released - The Shark arrived.

The tall brutal fighter has arrived, disrupting the moment of peace between Jiu Ji Tae and Maria.

Fight Class 3 Chapter 111 (31) released - The Shark arrived.

In the previous chapter we saw Jiu Ji Tae hugging Maria, telling he likes her even if she doesn't love him back and even wants to kill him. Because both of them share a common enemy, they may be a great duo.

Sadly for Jiu Ji Tae his little rest/reunion he got with Maria was disrupted...

A person gets smashed next to JJT.

Meanwhile, somewhere else:

The leader of Steel Work wants more blood.

tells Maria that JJT lost the fight.
Lee Ya Kyung observing them.

Lee Ya Kyung is not sure if that is really Maria, because Maria is now much calmer than in past.
JJT trying to hold his laugh, a mocking sign towards Lee Ya Kyung.

This will be pretty interesting fight, we haven't seen Maria fight for a long time and Maria was basically portrayed as the strongest fighter in Fight Class 3, we don't know if that is still true, the gap between her and her opponent is always shown to be huge, this time we get to see her fight against someone like Lee Ya Kyung, a tall talented violent top tier fighter who easily took down JJT (even tho he was tired and damaged).

Lee Ya Kyung seems someone who fights very dirty, while Maria is someone who tries to take down the opponent as swiftly as possible.

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