Fight Class 3 Chapter 111 (34) - Power of friendship?

Fight Class 3 Chapter 111 (34) - Power of friendship?

The images are translated by Google Translate, so the sentences won't really make sense, but it may give us enough information to understand for now.

The manga starts with Lee Ja Kyung pondering about how Maria is able to fight like that. She seems frustrated about that Maria's combat decisions, how she fell in Maria's trap... and whether it was caused by sheer luck or foresight.

The story transits to a class session, where the teacher explains strategy behind certain situations which both Maria and Lee Ja Kyung were in. It seems to me that Maria did made a risky move against Lee Ja Kyung. The author probably wants to tell us that Maria is a prodigy.

The teacher states to counter a wrestler charging you with a tackle, should be countered by a grappling move, but Maria who's a powerful grappler countered it with a kick. She did the opposite what the teacher said, that's my interpretation to it.

This is why Lee Ja Kyung is frustrated, how is Maria doing this?

Back to the fight, we see Maria being saved by her dog.. I mean... friend.

Cha So-wol steps, interfering Maria and Lee Ja Kyung's fight. I am not saying Cha So-Wol saved Maria, because... we don't know if Maria was losing. She seems quite calm.

Cha So-wol tries to hold Lee Ja Kyung in a throw position, but it appears that Lee Ja Kyung is either too strong to be thrown, or Cha So-wol didn't truly try to throw Lee Ja Kyung. Instead what happens now is Cha So-Wol calls for Cheon-Su Jang, her friend.

What we see now, might be murder, honestly.

Cheon-Su Jang use his hammer and slams as hard as he could into Lee Ja Kyung's face. This could be the end of Lee Ja Kyung's fighting career honestly, if she survives this, it would not only show how much of a monster she is, it would increase the powerlevel of Fight Class 3 characters, as they can survive a direct hammer blow into their face.

Surprisingly, Jiu Ji Tae commends Cheon-Su Jang, kind of surprising as Cha So-wol bullied Jiu Ji Tae when he was weak. I expect a conflict between those guys any way...

But yea, this is how the chapter 1111 part 34 ends, with Lee Ja Kyung getting ganked by Cha So-wol and Cheon-Su Jang with a hammer.

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