Fight Class 3 Chapter 111 (part 30) is delayed.

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Fight Class 3 is a Korean Manhwa, its genre is similar to Kengan Ashura, Star Strike it Rich, Baki.

Jiu Ji Tae (JJT)

"Fight Class 3 follows Ji-tae, a scrawny freshman with a surprising hidden talent: an uncanny ability to read his opponent's movements. This catches the eye of Maria, a genius martial artist from Brazil and student in Nam-il High's prestigious Fight Class 3. Recognizing Ji-tae's potential for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Maria convinces the teacher to give him a shot. Despite his lack of physical prowess, Ji-tae thrives in Fight Class 3, honing his grappling skills and uncovering the truth about his missing father, all while surrounded by a cast of talented classmates who each specialize in a different martial art."

A very interesting series, with lots of fights, intimidation and violence, sadly the author is not consistent and updates irregularly (I can't talk about it with this blog).

Fight Class 3 Omnibus Vol 1 Paperback – April 18, 2023

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There is sadly no English official web format of this manga, but you do can buy the manga in book format.