Fight Class 3 is the #3 webtoon in Korea

Congratulation 2Hakkk!

On Fight Class 3 author's Instagram we learn that Fight Class 3 is the number 3 ranked manga on Naver Webtoon.

The popularity of the manga is going up, this most likely to do with Jiu Ji Tae's transformation, and the darker theme.

Whether 2Hakkk will continue with the theme, or eventually revert back to school life is unknown. I do know there are people who want Fight Class 3 to go back to its roots, the school life.

I personally want the author continue, and write the story however he has planned.

You can follow the author on his instagram here:

If the series stays popular or even gets even more popular, then hopefully we are a step closer for an official english webtoon translation of Fight Class 3, or perhaps something beyond (animation, games).

Anyway, Chapter 111 part 34 of Fight Class 3 should be released on 30 April 2024. Looking forward to it, because we will learn how Maria will deal with Lee Ja Kyung's strength.