Gaolang vs Hatsumi

Gaolang vs Hatsumi

A few matchups have sparked as much debate as the hypothetical clash between Hatsumi Sen and Gaolang Wongsawat. Fans of the series have long speculated on who would come out on top if these two top-tier fighters ever crossed paths in the ring. We will look at their strength, weakness.

Hatsui Sen

The Floating Cloud

Hatsumi Sen, often referred to as the "Floating Cloud," is known for his Aikido-based fighting style, which is fluid and seemingly effortless. His ability to dodge and counterattack makes him a formidable opponent. He combines this with a masterful understanding of joint locks and throws, capitalizing on his opponents' movements and momentum to defeat them.

The weakness of Hatsumi is that his combat power heavily depends on how his mind state is.

Hatsumi in weak mood might lose fights he should not lose.

Hatsui is an extremely powerful fighter, but in Kengan Omega we saw that Hatsumi greatly struggled against Kaneda Suekichi. You can argue that he lost because Keneda got much better, or you can argue that Hatsumi wasn't actually in his peak state, but either way, Hatsumi did struggle.

Hatsumi Sen, the man who was supposed to be the Fang.

But when Hatsumi's mind is in a good shape, very few can match him, he himself says he could defeat even Kanoh Agito, the 5th Fang, who was portrayed as the overwhelmingly powerful final boss of Kengan Ashura tournament.

This shows that Hatsumi Sen is a powerful fighter, he might be the best fighter, but because of his power is directly connected to his mood swings and his condition, and the fact that he might be lazy, means whether he wins or lose is a gamble.

Gaolang Wongsawat

The Thai God of War

Gaolang Wongsawat, The Thai God of War, a striking specialist whose boxing and Muay Thai skills are unparalleled. Gaolang's fighting style is aggressive and direct, focusing on overwhelming his opponents with speed and power.

So who is stronger?

Power Scaling

Technique and Speed

Both Hatsumi and Gaolang are masters at their sport. Hatsumi is master of Aikido while Gaolang is master of boxing and Muay Thai.

Hatsumi and Gaolang are both very fast and nimble. It is hard to say who is the faster one. Both have good dodging capabilities and able to jump effectively in their fights.

Strength and Endurance

While Hatsumi's strength lies more in his technique than in brute force, he has shown the ability to execute powerful throws and holds that can incapacitate larger opponents. Gaolang's strength, however, is on another level. His endurance and physical conditioning allow him to take hits and keep moving forward, making him a relentless force in the ring.

Tactics and Adaptability

Hatsumi's fighting style is highly adaptable. He has a knack for reading his opponents and adjusting his strategy mid-fight. This adaptability could be crucial in a fight against Gaolang, whose straightforward approach leaves little room for adjustment. Gaolang's focus is on executing his game plan with precision, relying on his overwhelming strength and speed to secure victory.

Hypothetical Matchup

A fight between Hatsumi and Gaolang would be a clash of styles, with the outcome dependent on several factors. If Hatsumi can effectively use his agility and technique to avoid Gaolang's strikes and create openings for counters, he could potentially wear Gaolang down. However, Gaolang's speed and power are not to be underestimated.


Power scaling these two fighters reveals that both have their advantages and the outcome of their match would likely hinge on strategy and execution. Hatsumi's fluidity and adaptability versus Gaolang's speed and raw power make for a fascinating theoretical battle.

Despite that, we can't go around that Gaolang has much better feats than Hatsumi.

Gaolang destroyed Kaneda, while Hatsumi struggled against Kaneda.

Gaolang nearly defeated 5th Fang, while Peak Hatsumi got destroyed by the 5th Fang.

Featwise, Gaolang is the winner, but whether Gaolang can defeat Hatsumi is of course not certain.