Chapter 20 "STAR: Strike it Rich" released.

Chapter 20 "STAR: Strike it Rich" released.

The 3 fighters from Slaughter Colosseum are revealed, but also the 3 fighters from Valkyria are selected.

It turns out, Iori is a very powerful fighter. It did make sense, as she is a cop. Personally, I did not expect a cop to be able to participate in a MMA fight, but in Kengan Ashura, we know there is also a powerful cop fighter.

What is more surprising to me is that Hana the "friendly Yakuza" lady is seemingly also a capable fighter and ready to throw hands.

With Sena Reiko stating in previous chapter that she is not injured, the Valkyria's team is ready for the 3vs3 fight.

Slaughter Colosseum vs Valkyria

Now that all the 6 fighters are revealed and even confronting each other in some arena, the next chapter likely brings the first fight of the Slaughter Colosseum vs Valkyria arc.

The manga suggest that the fight will start with Yukihara Sara "Pestilence" vs Ichika Iori. I am excited...

You can read the full chapter 20 here:

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