STAR: Strike it Rich - Chapter 21 review

STAR: Strike it Rich - Chapter 21 review

A week ago chapter 21 was released, it is such a beautiful drawn chapter.

The fight between Yukihara Sara "Pestilence" and Ichika Iori has kick started in this chapter. Yukihara is smaller framed and weight less, but she indeed seems to be a strategical/dirty type of fighter, while Iori seems to be a brute force character, using rage and pain to empower herself.

Surprisingly, Yukihara Sara the Pestilence is using "Konshin Style Karate" as her fighting style, this fighting style is related to Kaiwan style. For those who don't know, Kaiwan Style is a fictional fighting style used by Kuroki Gensai from Kengan Ashura, he is an extremely -extremely- powerful fighter in the Kengan Universe.

Beautiful art, deadly fighter.. Yukihara Sara the Pestilence

Yukihara Sara start off strong, aiming for eyes, her speed and offensive doesn't allow Ichika Iori to counter attack. All Ichika Iori could do is defend.

Strong offensive from Yukihara

As Ichika Iori is getting pushed back and taking hits, it seems Ichika Iori has some "berserker" mode. The more damage she gets, the more veins pops up on her body. Her eyes turns red, she actually looks scary and manage to land a powerful blow on Yukihara.

Iori in a berserking state, is it resembling Advance?

Iori's berserking form looks really strong, visually it somewhat reminds me to Ohma's Advance technique. The technique is probably not the same, but the effect might be the same.

In this chapter the fight between Iori and Yukihara is not over. In fact, I would say the fight has just started and there is no clear winner. The other characters watching the fight are not able to tell who is going to win either... even if they did, they might be wrong.

So we have to wait for the next chapter to learn more about the outcome.

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