Has Vegeta abandoned Ultra Ego already?

Has Vegeta abandoned Ultra Ego already?

Ultra Ego... also known as Freaky Face, Super Ego or "stupid technique", seems to be already abandoned by Vegeta in chapter 103.

Was the transformation just bad? Or is Vegeta not enjoying the pain and beating he has to deal while in his Ultra Ego form.

It does makes sense, Vegeta never took so much beating and humiliating ever. Both Granolah and Gas were not holding back, absolutely punished and brutally abused Ultra Ego Vegeta. They really made Vegeta suffer.

Blood, injuries all over his body... does Vegeta really want to continue fighting like this? It make sense he doesn't want to fight like this.

Using the form makes Vegeta even more reckless and arguably suicidal.

Whatever the reason is, one thing is sure, he did not use Ultra Ego against Gohan.

Would Vegeta had used Ultra Ego as the fight go on? Probably not. As Vegeta himself states he wants to focus on staying calm and focused. His future fighting style will resemble more that of Jiren than of a GoD.

Staying calm, and strike in an explosive way, similar how Jiren fights according to SH movie.

No more enduring pain and agony for Vegeta, he will fight with a relaxed calm mind like Jiren.