Fight Class 3 Chapter 111 (32) released

An intense fight between Maria and Lee Ja Kyung has started.

Fight Class 3 Chapter 111 (32) released
Lee Ja-Kyung's power displayed.

The brawl between Maria and Lee Ja Kyung has started. Lee Ja Kyung is going for hyper offensive approach, while Maria is on the defense side.

Lee Ja Kyung charging towards Maria, but Maria response with elbow in the face, cutting a bit into the forehead of Lee Ja Kyung.

Maria basically made first blood spill, but the fight is far from over.

JJT is already impressed and excited by the fight.

JJT damaged, but is with full of excitement watching the fight. It seems that even JJT hasn't seen Maria fight for a while, and he doesn't want to miss anything about it.

Not much known is about this little man, except that he is portrayed as a laughing stock...

While the battle continues, Maria feels pain around her rib cage from the previous fight.

While she feels something, Maria seems to ignore it, not sure if this will have long term problem on this fight or after the fight, but Maria is a highest known tier fighter in this series so far, so things like this should not affect her much.

Lee Ja Kyung seems to be physically stronger, walking foward, pushing Maria back, but after the wrestle, Lee Ja Kyung and Maria are separated, but not for long...

Lee Ja Kyung is a very aggressive fighter, trying to get close with her huge body.

But Maria is nimble, she keeps avoiding in getting in troublesome positions. JJT is trying to be helpful for Maria, as he tries to warn Maria where the danger appears. Whether Maria needs it, that's another discussion.

The fight is far from over, and so far there is clearly no way to tell who is going to win this fight.

Maria loosing up her right shoe.

We see Maria trying to loose up her right shoe, this might be an important moment of the fight, it might even lead to 1 punch KO. Chance is low, but it is possible.

From here one, we can see how far Maria plans ahead in her fight. She is truly a monster brawler.

But another interesting thing happens...

For first time, we see something that is kind of, very unusual for Fight Class 3. We see a character using some sort of a ranged attack. Not sure how this works, probably not a Ki blast, but Maria is getting blown back from this. I guess air blast?

It showcase how mighty Lee Ja Kyung is, her raw power could be unrivaled so far.

But it also makes Fight Class 3 a bit less realistic than before... not that Fight Class 3 is a realistic story, it definitely is fictional story, but this feat is entering the Dragonball territory.

I personally like it, you eventually run out of abilities if you keep it too realistic. The human body has a limit, the trick is to remove the limit but make it as subtle as possible, because you don't want it get too crazy like Dragonball or One Piece. Because that's just not why people watch this show.

Now I actually wonder how insanely strong JJT father and world top athletes are in this series.. any way, that is for another topic.

A super fight, neither backing down. While Lee Ja Kyung is a formidable fighter, you can see the blood spraying by the person hit by her punch. Maria's defense is solid, and while defending she is on offensive as well, as we going to see...

Once again, display of Lee Ja Kyung's power. You don't want to get hit by it.

But then it happens, the shoe falls on Lee Ja Kyung's head. This little distraction is what Maria is waiting for.

As the chapter 111 part 31 has ended with this panel.

It can go either way, Maria probably will land this hit, but the question is, will it do anything? If not... Maria is in serious trouble, as her ribs are still not healed.

If Maria easily beats Lee Ja Kyung, then it is unknown to say where her limits are, and that Jiu Ji Tae has still lots of training to do, to get on her level.

Personally, super excited for the next part. I haven't seen Maria fight for while, and the this fight is a big one.

The next part will come next week (if the author has no hiatus planned).

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