How strong is Hina.. from Star: Strike It Rich?

How strong is Hina.. from Star: Strike It Rich?
The sleeping giant awakens... how strong is Hina?

Hina is so far we can witness the strongest fighter in STAR: Strike it Rich series.

The manga describes Hina as the most dangerous girl in Japan. This also means she is 1 of the strongest girl in Kengan Universe.

Some people claim Hina rivals even Shen Wulong, while others say she wouldn't even last 1 round in Kengan tournament and other lower tier male fighters.

In the manga we see that her attacks are very powerful, she casually knocks out professional fighters with 1 punch, she so far hasn't lost a fight, so who exactly can stop her?

Hina standing off against Toujou Ran (Ex Pro boxer)

Hina is a small builded lady, not just compared to male fighters but even among the female fighters she is considered small.

Toujou seems huge, Toujou's muscles around her arms are larger than Hina's neck, and even larger than Hina's waist.

Physically Hina is a small fry compared to Toujou Ran.

Toujou should have the power to crush Hina.

When the fight start, we see Toujou's incredible power. The audience is unable to follow her jabs. Her punches go 50km/s, the force of her jabs is so strong it creates air flows.

Yet, no matter how strong Toujou Ran was, Hina 1 shotted the former pro boxer easily. According to Hina the professional boxer Toujou Ran was just too slow.

Hina has abnormal muscle control.

But why is Hina strong? Apparently Lee Yuzuha was able to figure out Hina's abnormal ability ove her body, Hina can control her tendons on extreme level, it gives her explosive speed and strength when needed.

Lee Yuzuha explaining Hina's rare ability.

So despite Hina's small frame, the muscle she has can unleash immense power. Which is somewhat similar to Wakatsuki Takeshi, the super human from Kengan Ashura.

How hard are those punches actually then?

This image shows she has power, every human has weak points, if she pressure power on those area, those people will fall.

With those skinny arms she can unleash dangerous amount of damage.

The title of "most deadliest girl in Japan" is definitely not far fetched if you look at her feats.

But it's not just her power that is insane... more and more reasons why Hina is not a small fish in fighting scene.

Abnormal combat instinct.

When possible Hina use enemy's force in her own advantage, in the image above she broke the arm of Sena Riku with help from the punch she received. She basically took the hit on her face with a smile, this likely means this is precalculated move on an instinctual level, normal way of fighting for her but in reality, this is considered absurd way of fighting, this is basically Shen Wulong tier if combat skill. Hina's combat instinct is off the charts.

Not just strength, speed and her combat skills are ridiculously top tier... her pain tolerance is also abnormal.

When Hina's foot got broken by Lee Yuzuha, we see that Hina still stays calm and smiles. No sign of pain in her face. Despite that, she walks slowly, so the audience and Lee Yuzuha thought she lost her mobility...

Why? Doesn't she feel pain? Is there something normal about her?

Not only does Hina has absurd speed, avoidance, strength and combat skills, she also has immense will power. Pain doesn't prevent her for quitting. She keeps going, not caring about the injury. Even keeping up her smiling happy face up.

The story shows that Hina is anything but normal.

She is the strongest and the craziest fighter in STAR: Strike It Rich.

How strong is she in the Kengan Universe? I think she's without doubt a top tier. She can defeat male fighters.

How strong do you think she is?

But aren't women physically weaker than men?

While this is mostly true in the real world, in fictional world like Kengan Ashura, this doesn't have to be the case.

We see fighters like Shen Wulong, a single guy taking out armies of top tier fighters with just his bare hands. If 1 man can defeat dozen of healthy men with bare hands, then it is not far fetched to believe there are women fighters who can defeat at least the half of it with her bare hands.

Muscle size don't matter that much in Kengan Ashura, the strongest and biggest men have lost to smaller men.

Recently, in STAR: Strike it Rich, it was stated that Yukihara Sara was the strongest fighter in her men dominated dojo. In fact, the men at that dojo believed that are almost no men tougher than Sara.

Yukihara Sara praised and suggested as possibly tougher than any man.

If Yukihara Sara is possibly tougher than any man, then imagine someone like Hina...

In Kengan Universe, women aren't actively busy with training and fighting, it is just not popular for the women. But it doesn't mean women can't be stronger than men in this universe. They likely can, but most are not interested in it.

Again, this is a fictional universe, where 1 man can defeat 100 healthy men in hand 2 hand combat simultaneously. So even a woman who can defeat 70 healthy men in hand 2 hand combat, is a big deal and most likely a top tier fighter.

Either way, Hina has shown basically no weakness. We still know very little about her other than she desperately seeks for challenging fights and an unrivalled combat power already without even seeing her full power yet.

Tenma Nozomi describing Hina as bottomless.

I recommend you to read this manga, it is very fun, high action and the art is beautiful.

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