STAR: Strike it Rich Chapter 24 - Watanabe Karen vs Mitani Hana

STAR: Strike it Rich Chapter 24 - Watanabe Karen vs Mitani Hana
Karen vs Hana

The second fighter from the Slaughter Colosseum is going to fight against Valkyria.

Watanabe Karen is an assassin and a hitwoman. Her job in past was to kill people for money. But unlike the average assassins who use weapons or poison, Karen use her hands to kill her victim.

The manga says that the defeated Yukihara Sara has some (twisted) form of a warrior spirit, but Karen is just a blood thirsty woman, who loves to kill just for the thrill.

I guess that Sara was masochist, while Karen is more of a sadist?

Eitherway, Karen is a dangerous fighter, maybe even more dangerous than Sara.

Mitani Hana

Mitani Hana, the elegant Yakuza is the second fighter for Valkyria, if you follow the story you know she is a soft and sweet lady, apparently she has lots of fans, as the crowd is cheering for Mitani Hana.

The people who know Mitani Hana, which are Iori and Tenma are not worried about Hana, the story suggest Karen is in danger.

Personally, I never expected Mitani Hana to be a fighter at all, she walk around in a clumsy dress and seems super soft. But then again, I never expected Iori to be such a monster.

Hana approaches Karen, the referee had to push them away from each other. Not sure if there was some early aggression between them.

What gets my attention is how the fighters are kind of in same weight class. Also the next and previous fighters are somewhat in same weight classes. Not sure if this was a coincidence or whether the fighters choose for that.

Interestingly, there is a price on Hana's head, as Inoue Sugaya (head of Sanba organization) desperately (insanely) prays for Karen to kill Hana. We will see how this story continue...

Anyway, the fight starts with Karen being very aggressive and Hana being super defensive and dodges the attacks. Karen keeps following Hana, manage to land an attack on Hana, this gave Hana a cut in her face.

Hana in response immediately dashes towards Karen, grabbing her middle body tightly, at first it felt like it was a hug.

Hana is annoyed, and tries to punch Hana, but Hana catch her arm.

It was stated that Hana never punch, even if her lives is in danger, instead she is a top tier grappler and relies on that. To me, it sounds like she is pure defensive fighter, trying to disable all offensive attacks of her opponent. It is fitting for someone like Hana who seems to be always peaceful and cheerful.

If that is true, then this might be a very boring, long lasting fight...

I think that is what Tenma Nozomi means by "welcome to hell"..

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