STAR: Strike It Rich - Chapter 23: I’ll Eviscerate You! Review

STAR: Strike It Rich - Chapter 23: I’ll Eviscerate You! Review
Iori using her shark teeth against Sara, biting her on a very vulnerable place.

The battle between Iori and Sara becoming extremely barbaric.

The previous fight, we saw Sara attacking Iori relentlessly, the attacks Iori manage returns back only gave Sara enjoyment and immediately strikes back, showing that Sara is not backing off.

Iori realising that Sara is a masochist, she will grant Sara her wish, and I never expected Iori to be THIS brutal.

Sara has Iori in a chokehold with her legs, despite Iori slammed Sara's head against a wall.

What I like about the artist is that Sara despite portrayed as a skinny fighter, you can still see her muscle bulking when needed. MAAN is really a top tier artist.

I highly recommend reading this manga on official source, as it supports the creators.

Anyway, Sara takes another huge hit, this time Sara's head smashed against the ground. Despite that Sara keeps grinning in excitement, she keeps punching Iori in the face despite the damage she took.

Iori response in a very unexpected why, probably the most barbaric way so far in SSIR, Iori bites Sara's throat, Iori's teeth are shaped like shark teeth you don't want to be bitten by her... especially not throat, which is a weak point.

Iori unleashing most barbaric attacks on Sara.

By this, she granted the wish of Sara. Not only damaging her skull, and biting her throat, but also stabbing with her hand in Sara's Diaphragm, preventing Sara to breath.

This is I think the most brutal finishing move unleashed in STAR Strike It Rich so far.

Iori is a monster, I don't know why the 2 Kengan cops Iori and Akoya Seishu are this barbaric, but the message is clear, don't underestimate Kengan cops, fear them and follow the laws.

By this, Iori Ichika wins the fight.

Valkyria 1 - 0 Slaughter Colosseum.

Hana notes Iori is tired, so this was not a close match up. Sara is a tough fighter, but Iori manage to defeat her with brute force and in a most barbaric way.

Hina seemed to be super happy about this fight, even during most cruel moments, apparently the only masochistic creep/weirdo besides Sara... as Hina wants Iori to unleash those barbaric attacks on her.

The 2 other slaughter colloseum fighter (Hazuki Yuu and Watanabe Karen) don't seem to be pleased by the outcome, Watanabe is actually relieved she didn't had to fight Iori.

I think Valkyra will sweep. Having the main characters lose their first fight would look bad on them. Keep in mind Hina and Iori played role with this series since begin, this is their first fight from SSIR viewer point of view.

Next battle, Watanabe Karen vs Mitani Hana

The next fighters are ready for battle, I can't believe the next fighters can 1+ the brutality, I really don't think they can, as both fighters seem to be a little bit more normal minded compared to Iori and Sara (and.. Hina).

This is an interesting chapter, you can read the chapter here:

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Yup! Just as slow as I thought.